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FAV Conversion Kit for Hobby Boss kit #82406 - 1/35

FAV Conversion Kit for Hobby Boss kit #82406 - 1/35

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This kit adapts the 1/35 scale Hobby Boss kit number 82406 and adapts the 2 seat kit to the 3 seat navy seal version.

Each Kit has 47 parts and detailed set of instructions ( 39 Resin, 8 Metal and plastic rod and wire )

It comes with a choice of seats with or without harness belts and empty or preloaded side storage baskets.

The fast attack vehicle (FAV) or Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV) is a high speed lightly armoured dune buggy like vehicle made by Chenowth in the USA.

Armed with M60E machine guns, AT4 missiles, and a choice of Mk19 40mm grenade launcher or .50 Calibre heavy machine gun.


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