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ASLAV 25 Full Bar Armour - Hull and Turret Conversion Kit

ASLAV 25 Full Bar Armour - Hull and Turret Conversion Kit

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Hull and Turret Bar Armour Conversion Kit to make an ASLAV - 25 circa Iraq 2007.

To suit 1/35 Trumpeter kit #00392

Includes 3D printed full bar armour for the turret and hull and mounting brackets.

Much more in scale than injected styrene, easier to assemble than photo etched alternatives.

The kit also include detailed single piece barrel, stowage bins and seperate stowage items.

Highly detailed crew hatches each with 3 choices of position from closed to fully open.

Conversion Kit contains -

Turret Hatch - open x 2

Turret Hatch - 1/2 open x 2

Turret Hatch - closed x 2

Turret Hatch Handles x 6

Co-axial machine gun x 1

Turret Stowage Bins x 4

2 versions of hull mounted stowage bins

IED Countermeasures


Wheels x 8 plus 1 spare

25mm Bushmaster Barrel

Bar Armour mounting Brackets for hull and turret

Bar Armour Screens for hull and turret

Extra Hull details

Australian Pattern Ration Boxes - 1 sheet

Clear water bottles x 10

Milk Cartons - 3 sizes x 12

Bax Strap Spinal Board x 1

Spray cans, with separate lid x 7

25mm Bushmaster casings x 44

7.62 Ammo Boxes x 8

25mm Ammo Boxes x 2

Oil Container x 2

Australian Pattern Fuel Container x 2

Australian Pattern Water Container x 2

Slave Cable plugs and wire to make cable


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